Actress Poorna would be shocked if she knew how much gold her husband had invested..!!

By iittm Editor October 26, 2022 7:26 AM IST

Heroine Poorna is well known in the Telugu film industry.. This cute grandmother who first made her entry through the movie Sri Mahalakshmi has not backed down in her beauty. It can be said that Poorna has impressed with her beauty especially in films such as Yaa, Yaa-2, Raju Gari Gadhi etc. Later, she entertained as a judge on the big screen and acted in supporting roles in many films. Poorna was very impressed with the last film Akhanda.

Poorna, who is always active on social media, keeps her fans sleepless with her glamorous photos. Recently Poorna got engaged to her husband Shanid Asif Ali and gave a shock to the fans. But on the occasion of Diwali festival, Poorna also shared the wedding photos saying that their marriage is over. But it is reported that Purna’s husband is working as the founder CEO of JBS Group of Companies in Dubai.

But this marriage is said to have been done in Arabic style between family members and elders. And her husband gave 1800 grams of gold as a gift to Poorna on her wedding. Moreover, it is reported that a luxury housing was also built in his name and given as a marriage gift. Netizens are making comments saying that Purna has caught a millionaire. Now this thing is becoming very viral.

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