Actress: Do you remember this heroine who is calmly enjoying the nature.. There is no audience who does not know her name Basoo..


Where have you seen recently on social media.. Photos related to heroines are seen. These cuties are also ravishing the boys with their beauty. Not only the latest photos of this Vayari Bhamala.. Old photos are also doing the rounds. Recently, the photos of the heroine seen in the above photo are also going viral. Do you remember the heroine in the above photo? This Vagaladi is captivating with its beauty as well as its voice. Do you remember who she is? This actress is popular in bold characters too. Who is she?

There are many multitalented heroines in the industry. Not only in acting.. Heroines are showing their talent in other fields too.. Bhama is one of them seen in the above photo. Her name is Andrea Germia. Andrea was introduced to the Telugu audience with the movie Yuganikokkadu starring Karthi.

Andrea is very famous not only as an actress but also as a singer. While acting as a heroine in many films, she is seen in supporting roles in other films. This Bhama has acted in Telugu. He did not appear in another Telugu movie after that. She is doing movies only in Tamil. This little girl is also very active on social media. Andrea is captivating with glamorous photos.

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