Actor arrested in rape case

By iittm Editor August 12, 2023 7:27 PM IST

Virendra Babu, who belongs to the Kannada film industry, was recently arrested by Kodige Halli police. The Kannada film industry was shocked by this incident, going into the details Virendra Babu was caught after a woman in Karnataka revealed the video along with the evidence. She told the police that this woman was raped by Virendra Babu in 2021 when she was in an unknown state and took advantage of that helpless state and also took a video at the same time. Apart from that, after some time showing that video, Rs. She told the police that she blackmailed him that he would post the video on social media if he did not pay 15 lakhs.

While the criminal Virendra Babu started his career as an actor with the movie Swayam Krishi, moreover Virendra is also the producer of this movie.

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