Accident for Bigg Boss actress.. Clarity!

By iittm Editor September 9, 2023 8:01 PM IST

Bigg Boss is the number one telecast reality show in Telugu for the last 7 years. It must be said that most of those who have participated in this Bigg Boss have settled well in their careers. Similarly, Deepti Sunaina also clicked after coming and going in Bigg Boss. She is advancing in her career with YouTube videos. But recently a news about Deepti has gone viral on social media. It is doing the rounds that a road accident happened to Deepthi’s movie. But Deepti Sunaina was saddened to hear this news, but later she said that she should put a full stop to this fake news. No accident happened to me as you all think… I am fine.

Deepti Sunaina said that due to the release of photos in the web series in which I acted earlier, everyone is misunderstanding. Deepti Sunaina’s fans are a bit relieved with this news.

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