Abhijith, the hero who is running a romantic relationship with the anchor.. if it is cut..!

By iittm Editor September 5, 2023 12:44 PM IST

Popular hero Abhijith needs no special introduction. He was introduced to the industry as a hero with the movie Life is Beautiful and impressed everyone with his performance in the role of Sheenu. Moreover, when he got a chance to be a contestant in Bigg Boss season 4, he remained silent for the first two weeks.. and then entertained everyone with his performance. And with his goodness.. he won many fans with his playing style and became the title winner of Bigg Boss season 4.. the trophy was received by Chiranjeevi.

Otherwise, everyone thought that Abhijit’s streak would go back as he became the title winner and opportunities would come one after the other. But Abhijith did not get opportunities in films after that. However, they got an opportunity in the web series called Pelligola, while acting in the web series called Pelligola with anchor Varshini. It is reported that when the first series was released, a good friendship was formed between the two and it turned into love by the time of the second series. Earlier there were reports that there was an unknown relationship between Varshini and Abhijit. That’s why Varshini’s boyfriend came to know about this and told her to break up.

Various accusations were also heard against Abhijit saying that he secretly had an affair with her since then. But no one responded to this. On the other hand, Varshini got opportunities in movies as an anchor after Pelligola web series. But Abhijit stayed at home due to lack of opportunities. Recently, it is reported that Abhijith told Varshini to break up as there were reports that she was in a relationship with Hyper Adi as well. I don’t know how much truth there is in this, but this matter has become somewhat viral on social media.

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