A shock to those four star heroes.. The producers’ council will issue a red card!

By iittm Editor September 15, 2023 9:19 AM IST

The Tamil Film Producers Council gave a shock to the star heroes. It was decided in the recent general meeting to issue red cards to Dhanush, Vishal, Atharva and Shimbu. The association said that it has been decided to issue red card to these four heroes due to several reasons. Dhanush, who had agreed to a film in Thenandal production company, did not show interest in filming after 80 percent of the shoot was completed.. due to which the producer incurred losses.. hence the producers’ council said that they are taking action against Dhanush.

On the other hand, hero Vishal will be given a red card for allegedly misusing the association’s funds when he was the president of the producer association. Producers’ Council has revealed that it has decided to issue a red card to Shimbu after many discussions with producer Michael Rayappan, but he has not changed his behavior. She said that Atharva will be given a red card on the charges of not cooperating with the hero Atharva, who has agreed to film with Madiyalakan’s production company.

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