A case has been registered against film actor Babisimha

By iittm Editor September 20, 2023 9:10 AM IST

A case has been registered against Tamil actor Bobby Simha. The police said that a case has been registered against four people, including actor Bobby Simha, who threatened an engineer. Actor Bobby Simha is building a new house in Pethuparai in Vilpatti Panchayat of Kodaikanal. It is known that locals have complained against him and against Prakash Raj, who is building a house in the same area, that they are building on more land than the permission given.

On the other hand, Bobby Simha and the contractor Jameer had a fight and the work was stopped in the middle. It is reported that Bobby Simha did not give money to Jameer. As a result, Hussain, a relative of Jamir, who is an engineer, filed a complaint at the Kodaikanal police station. The complaint stated that on 20th of last month, actor Bobby Simha, Ramachandranraj, who acted in the movie KGF, and two others came to his guest house in Shanmuganur and threatened him not to interfere in the construction of the house. They asked to take action against them. With this, the police registered a case against four people including actor Babisimha and Ramachandranraj and are investigating.

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