4 movies based on “Salar” release!

By iittm Editor September 4, 2023 9:06 PM IST

Prabhas’s latest movie “Salar”, KGF is a huge blockbuster hit to the film industry and the mass director Prashant Neel is ambitiously trying to give a break to Prabhas who doesn’t know what a hit is after Baahubali. The shooting of part 1 has already been completed and the post production work is underway. So far the release date announced by the movie unit is September 28… but there are doubts in the industry whether it will come on this date or not. There is uncertainty about the release of some movies due to the lack of official information about the change of release date. Pedakapu 1, which is being produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy, is planned to be released on September 29 if Salar is not released.

In the same way, the Skanda movie coming in the combination of Rules Ranjan, Mad and Ram Pothineni Boyapati will also be brought to the audience. And it remains to be seen whether the Salar movie will clear the way for these movies.

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